This topic provides basic information about the main types of infectious or contagious diseases. It includes details of how they are spread and methods of prevention and control.

The spread of infections in hospitals, care homes and other healthcare-related environments has long been a problem with which public health experts and health and social care managers have had to grapple. In such environments infections that can be acquired while receiving care are often referred to as healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs).

The most encountered HCAIs are outlined and the transmission, symptoms treatment and control methods of these.

This topic should be read in conjunction with related topics on Infection Control Management and Infection Prevention and Control Procedures.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) information

The principal source of information about the symptoms and mode of transmission of Coronavirus (Covid-19) can be found in this topic. Information on procedures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 can be found in the Infection Prevention and Control Procedures topic. Information about support, resilience and outbreak management can be found in the Infection Control Management topic.

The Coronavirus Toolkit contains summary information and links to a wide range of Covid-19 content.

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