There are many grant-giving organisations and this topic is not able to list them all, but looks at some of the major organisations. Often there are small local organisations that offer support within a community, town or county which cannot all be mentioned here. Providers must therefore seek advice from those with local knowledge and undertake their own research.

Some grants will be time-limited; that is to say that they may only be available for a short period. Some grants may only be applied for at specific times of the year. While other grants may be applied for at any time, a decision on who should receive a grant may only take place one or twice a year.

Occasionally grants are withdrawn with little or no notice. Sometimes organisations may not always have the funds available to award a grant, although they still advertise that grants are available.

With the exception of the Early Years Education Entitlements, grant income should not be necessary, or used, for the general day-to-day running expenses of the provision. Grants are usually one-off funding that finance a specific project, piece of equipment, research, etc that will allow the provision to expand or add value to its services.

Careful research should be undertaken to ensure that the organisation to which the provision applies for a grant is able to assist. This is covered in the Grants: How to Apply topic.

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