Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG) is a discretionary grant that can be claimed by operators of eligible bus services and is based on the fuel used in running the bus services. The grant also makes a contribution towards the costs of updating ticketing equipment, location data and operating low carbon vehicles.

A number of other grants have also been made available to operators and/or authorities, usually through competitions for funds, to support the introduction of new low emission vehicles; sustainable transport schemes; and the development of new technology in the industry. The Government made significant announcements in early 2020 related to future funding for the industry, including a number of new schemes.

In March 2021, the DfT published the National Bus Strategy, which set out the development of bus services in England with significant funding delivered through enhanced partnership working or franchising.

This topic is concerned with the various types of government grant and assistance available to operators, including some that are obtainable via local authorities for specific types of scheme.

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