A successful care service requires effective governance, positive leadership and competent management at all levels to bring out its positive qualities.

The Care Quality Commission expects well-functioning care provision to be open, transparent, enthusiastic, confident, dynamic, inclusive, forward-looking, welcoming, optimistic and creative. It will also aspire to be a learning organisation.

Evidence of a poor service will be reflected in an atmosphere of fear, suspicion, stagnation, negativism and exclusion. It will tend to be described as backward-looking, unwelcoming, pessimistic and resistant to innovation and change.

It has become self-evident that the Covid-19 outbreak has posed intense challenges for the leadership and management of care services. Providers through their service management have had to rapidly interpret government and local public health guidance, which has sometimes been confusing and subject to constant change, and translate all into workable policies and procedures that both protect service users and promote their wellbeing.

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