Few construction, demolition or renovation projects are carried out without some form of temporary work taking place. Temporary works are structures or formations designed to provide support, access and protection during the construction phase.

Falsework describes any temporary structure used to support a permanent structure while it is not self-supporting. Falsework is used in many situations and is often necessary to support formwork when casting concretein situ. Formwork itself is covered within the Concrete topic of this service.

The temporary nature of these installations can often lead to designers and contractors not giving them the full attention that is required. As a result, falsework can fail leading to injuries and, at worst, loss of life. A major cause of failure of falsework through collapse is as a result of a lack of co-ordination between the parties involved, ie the designers, falsework suppliers, installers and workers on site. Accordingly, a person should be assigned the role of temporary works co-ordinator (TWC) as recommended by BS 5975.

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