International shipments of waste are subject to controls at national, EU and international levels. The purpose of the controls is to enable States to reject unwanted shipments of waste, eg where they lack the capacity to treat the waste in a safe and environmentally sound manner. At the same time, the regime facilitates the legitimate trade in waste for recovery.

This regime is administered and enforced by the environmental regulators, ie the Environment Agency, SEPA, the NIEA and Natural Resources Wales.

To find out whether a waste is notifiable or green list, see the consolidated waste list. The EC Regulation 1013/2006 lists green list wastes under a single entry in Annex III, IIIB or the mixtures of wastes listed in Annex IIIA. Note that EC Regulation 1013/2006 was amended by EU Regulation 2020/2174 to make exports of plastic waste subject to notification, unless they fall within clearly defined exemptions.

UK waste carriers who wish to transport waste in other European countries may be required to register as waste carriers under the national legislation of those countries. Post-Brexit, they may also have to deal with customs controls.

The notification procedure has been facilitated by the creation of an online service, IWS Online.

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