A variety of legislation controls the hours of work of drivers engaged in the carriage of goods and passengers in the UK. The main sets of rules that may apply are:

  • European Community Council EC Regulation 561/2006, which came into effect in April 2007

  • British Domestic Hours Rules — these rules originated in the Transport Act 1968 and have been subject to amendment over the years

  • European Agreement Concerning the Work of Crews Engaged in International Road Transport — these regulations affect drivers working on international operations beyond EEA territories (more commonly known as the AETR Regulations)

  • Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations — introduced in April 2005 specifically to implement the Road Transport Directive.

The EU Regulation and the AETR are aligned and both are incorporated into UK legislation. This means that the same rules apply to vehicles in scope whether in the UK, the EU or any other AETR country and will continue to do so whether the UK is a member of the EU or not. This topic focuses on drivers working under those rules.

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