Ukrainian Labour Law has inherited a significant number of concepts and approaches from the Soviet era. Despite numerous changes, the Labour Code, which is the key piece of legislation regulating employment matters, remains highly employee-focused. Since Ukraine became independent, specific statutes have been adopted to deal with labour safety, remuneration, leave, collective bargaining agreements, employment of the population and employment of foreign nationals.

Various state agencies (such as the State Labour Service and the State Fiscal Service) issue their official interpretations of Ukrainian legislation concerning the regulation of working time, employee transfers, combining jobs, employee evaluation, overtime, workforce migration, employee dismissal, employee compensation, leave, workplace health and safety, and other key employment law issues.

Relations in the field of employment shall be governed by the Code of Labour of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine on General Compulsory State Social Insurance against Unemployment and other legislative Acts.

If an international treaty that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine agreed to be bound by establishes rules other than provided in the legislation of Ukraine on employment of the population, provision of the international treaty shall apply.

Formulation and realisation of the state policy on employment of the population shall be ensured within the scope of their powers by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Central Executive authority of the social policy, other central executive authorities, the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, local state administrations, and local governments.

The central executive authority for social policy is the chief authority in the system of central executive authorities on the formulation and realisation of the state policy on the employment of the population.

For the purpose of realising the state employment policy, the Cabinet of Ministers develop and approve the basic directions of realisation of the state policy on employment of the population for a medium-term period, which specify ways and methods of addressing employment problems and provide for measures to consolidate efforts of all the parties of social dialogue aimed at regulating the processes going on in the labour market to increase the employment rate.

The basic directions of the realisation of the state policy on employment of the population shall be developed on the basis of the forecast parameters of socio-economic development of Ukraine, state, sectoral and regional programmes concerning their impact upon employment of the population and upon development of labour potential and a mechanism of their implementation shall be defined.

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