The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a mandatory framework for all early years providers.

The revised framework (effective from 1 September 2021) includes the following:

  • revised educational programmes

  • revised early learning goals (ELGs)

  • changes to assessment at the start of the reception year

  • changes to the assessment and moderation process for the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile

  • an update on section 3, safeguarding and welfare requirements, with some small changes to clarify policy and provide useful links to updated guidance. It also provides updates to legislation and systems since 2017.

The changes are intended to:

  • make ELGs clearer and enable teachers to make accurate judgements on children’s level of development

  • strengthen development of language and vocabulary, particularly for disadvantaged children

  • improve literacy and numeracy outcomes in preparation for children entering year 1

  • ensure the ELGs are based on latest evidence in child development.

It sets out the Safeguarding and Welfare standards for all provisions to work to as well as a set of seven learning and development areas with assessment criteria.

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