The Equality Act 2010 prohibits various types of discrimination: direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, discrimination arising from disability, victimisation, harassment and a failure to make reasonable adjustments. It also provides for limited post-employment protection in circumstances where the act of discrimination is linked in some way with the person’s previous employment.

There is no qualifying period of service necessary to make a complaint to an employment tribunal and no limit on the amount of compensation that can be awarded to a successful claimant.

This topic covers employers’ legal obligations under the Equality Act, the definition of what disability is and the various forms of disability discrimination, victimisation and harassment. Covered in detail is the legal duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled persons and how to treat disabled persons fairly. Avoiding disability discrimination during both recruitment and the course of employment is explained and also the likely consequences following a successful claim of disability discrimination.

Managing Disabled Employees - Workflow

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