Every year an unacceptable number of construction site workers are killed or severely injured at work. Others suffer ill health from exposure to hazards such as dust, vibration, noise and hazardous substances. Health problems include hearing loss, musculoskeletal disorders and lung disease.

In a high-risk environment such as a busy building site, it is vital that appropriate controls are in place to effectively manage health and safety hazards and protect the health and wellbeing of workers. This topic looks at the major risks involved in construction work, such as working at height. It sets out what those responsible for building site safety must do.

Related information can be found in a number of other topics in this product. These include Health and Safety for Construction — Legal Overview, Implementing Safe Systems of Work on a Construction Site and Risk Assessment in Construction and Safety Method Statements in the Built Environment. Specific aspects of safety, such as fire risks and electricity, are also covered in the topics in the Site Hazards section.

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