Good communications play an important role in helping organisations to be successful.

A comprehensive communications strategy should be backed by top management and cover both internal and external communications initiatives. It should ensure communications initiatives are based on consistent messages and crafted to take into account sensitivities and the use of diverse and appropriate communication methods and channels to reach diverse audiences. It should be regularly reviewed to ensure effectiveness.

A communications strategy should take into account the purpose and values of an organisation and be aligned to business strategy.

Internal initiatives should encourage employees to share views, observations, ideas and experiences and to put these to senior managers. They should make it clear that all employees have both a part to play as well as a responsibility to making communications effective.

While an effective communications strategy should have the backing of senior management, not all communications initiatives are top-down exercises.

Communications initiatives can cover all aspects of business activity and may take into account working relationships with and between employees as the internal stakeholders as well as relationships with external stakeholders. Examples of the latter include customers and clients, contractors and suppliers, providers of funds, the media and members of the public generally.

Communications initiatives should use a variety of communications methods and channels to suit diverse audiences and the messages they contain. They should take into account sensitivities related to these and invite feedback to evaluate the success of both the communications initiative itself and the objectives set out. It is important to ensure that internal and external audiences feel their views are valued.

Good practice in communications should encourage employees to recognise their responsibility to fulfil the organisation’s aims and objectives both in connection with the communications strategy and particular communications initiatives.

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