Moving into a care home on a temporary or permanent basis is a major step for people to take. For the person considering or making the move, the process begins well before the move into a care home.

Managers and staff of a home must try and understand individuals’ experiences leading up to their admission in order to help new residents cope with the changes in their lives.

This topic should be used in relation to the Admissions Management topic, which includes a summary of the admission procedures to be followed under the current coronavirus emergency. Some procedures, for example, regarding the handling of enquiries and referrals, needs assessments, pre-admission visits and visiting arrangements described in this topic will need to be modified during the current COVID-19 crisis, particularly if new residents need a period of isolation to ensure they are clear of the virus.

Admission to a home also involves procedures to be followed in line with the current care standards and regulations. These requirements and guidance on how to meet them are described and discussed in the relevant topics such as:

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