Absence and Working Time

Includes holidays, sick leave and SSP, working time and sabbaticals.

Accidents and Disease Reporting

Includes accident investigation and reporting, reportable diseases, emergency management and first aid.

Accidents and First Aid

What causes accidents, and how do you investigate and report them? Also covers first aid, compensation claims, COMAH and work-related fatalities.


Includes advertising, creating a website and data protection.


Includes air pollution, quality standards, and control of emissions.

Assessment and Teaching

Includes curriculum delivery, assessment methods and performance targets.

Becoming an Academy

Includes the conversion process, transferring staff and working with a sponsor.

Building and Construction

From asbestos to CDM 2015 and the building regulations, also includes construction safety, disability access and the workplace environment.

Building and Planning Law

Includes tendering, contracts, building regulations, and the planning system.

Building Maintenance

Includes construction safety, utilities, disability access, cleaning, internal maintenance, asbestos, CDM regulations, environmental health, grounds, pest control, roofs & chimneys, sick building syndrome, ventilation, walls, workplace environment.

Buildings and Workplace Environment

Includes asbestos, CDM, electrical safety, gas appliance safety legislation and workplace environment.

Buildings Maintenance

Includes tendering contracts, cleaning, disabled access and facilities and security.

Business Essentials

Includes corporation tax, record keeping, protecting digital assets and VAT.

Business Premises

Includes commercial leases, business rating, managing relocation, and rights over land

Business Procedures

Includes costing and budgeting, buy and selling a business, data protection, insurance in the haulage industry.

Business Technology

Includes e-commerce, email and internet, cyber security and protecting digital assets.

Care Home Premises

Includes cleaning, equipment, premises maintenance management and security.

Care of Service Users

Includes safeguarding service users from abuse or harm, needs assessment and mental capacity.

Carriage of Goods

Includes rules governing carriage of abnormal loads, waste, dangerous goods, foodstuffs and the carriage of live animals.

Catering and Vending

Includes food safety, in-house catering, vending and outsourcing.

Chemical Hazards

The key requirements to managing, storing and restricting exposure to chemical hazards and explosives, includes REACH, COSHH and DSEAR.


Includes chemical hazards, REACH, asbestos, COMAH, COSHH, ozone-depleting substances, pesticides, PBTs and POPs, transport of dangerous goods, PCBs and PCTs, endocrine disruptors, biocides and volatile organic compounds.

Chemicals and the Environment

Includes biocides, contaminated land, IPPC, control of emissions and endocrine disrupters.

Circular Economy

Includes circular economy, ecodesign ISO 14006, ecolabelling, life cycle assessment and supply chain management.

Climate Change and Global Warming

Includes carbon reduction and footprinting, climate change and climate change levy, and emissions trading.

Community and Parental Relations

Includes handling complaints, marketing, parental and community engagement, and parent teacher associations.

Company Finance and Administration

Includes capital gains and corporation tax, VAT, accounting, PAYE, contracts, insurance, and asset and credit management.

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations

Includes CDM Regulations, construction phase plans, designing for safety, health and safety files and notifiable projects.

Contaminated Land

Includes remediation techniques and technologies, contaminated land, site investigation and tax implications.

Continuing Professional Development

Includes appraisal procedures and professional standards for teachers.

Contractors and Suppliers

Includes contractors, procurement, outsourcing, stock control and stores, use of consultants and supply chain management.

Contracts of Employment

Includes common clauses, contract terms, part-time working and TUPE.

Discipline and Grievance

Includes bullying and harassment, disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Discrimination and Diversity

Includes claims, equal pay, and all protected characteristics.

Driver Management

Includes topics on driver management, British domestic hours, drivers’ hours and road transport working time rules, driver allowances and pay.

Employing People

Includes data protection provisions, absence, discipline and grievance, contracts of employment, pay and benefits, maternity rights, termination of employment, discrimination, flexible working and appraisals and recruitment.


Includes maternity and family rights, recruitment and selection and pay and benefits.

Employment Essentials

Includes national minimum wage, contracts of employment, working time, and recruitment and selection.

Employment of Staff

Includes capability, disciplinary and grievance procedures, pay and conditions, discrimination, recruitment and contracts.

End of Employment

Includes: termination of employment.


Includes energy management, energy audits, monitoring and targeting, air conditioning and BMS, heating and ventilation, lighting, energy procurement, fleet fuel managent, electric motors and power, degree day data and sustainable energy sources.

Enforcement and Liability

Includes Best Available Techniques, economic instruments, enforcement, liability, EPP, IPPC, negligence, noise, odour, operational risk appraisal, penalties & fines, pollution prevention, radiation and statutory nuisance.


All you need to know on pollution, waste, water, ISO 14001, energy management and environmental management systems.

Environment Essentials

Includes energy saving measures, recycling and waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Environmental Issues

Includes energy saving measures, waste, WEEE, and recycling, reuse and recovery.

Environmental Management

Includes energy management, recycling, sustainability, site waste management plans and corporate social responsibility.

Environmental Management in Haulage

Includes dealing with end-of-life vehicles, waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Environmental Management Systems and Reporting

Includes ISO 14001,ISO 14000 Series, introduction to EMS, checking & auditing, CSR, EMS accreditation, environmental aspects, EPE, integrated management systems, legal framework and measuring & monitoring.

Environmental Requirements

Includes ecolabelling, assessment of hazardous waste, packaging waste and WEEE.

Equipment Maintenance

Includes electrical safety, inspection and testing, lifting equipment and machinery maintenance.

EU Legislation

Includes EU environmental policy and legislation, noise, transport, waste and water policies, and biotechnology.

Exporters: Customs and Documents

Includes customs entry, export controls, dealing with excise exports and security issues.

Facilities and Property Management

Includes heating and ventilation, lighting and controls, air conditioning and building management systems, helpdesk, sanitary and welfare facilities, intelligent buildings, relocation, rating, landlord and tenant, use of premises and rights over land.


Includes accounting and budgets, and tax and VAT.


Time to redo your fire risk assessments and consider detection and alarm systems, emergency procedures and fire-fighting equipment?

Fire Safety

Includes fire risk assessments, fire safety management, detection and alarm systems, emergency procedures and fire-fighting equipment.

Fleet Management

Includes fleet management, company and private car use, workplace parking and occupational road risk.

Food Safety

Includes food safety, hygiene control and possible illness, management systems and temperature control requirements.

General Customs Issues

Includes intrastat reporting, claiming preferential duty and procedures for trading within the single market.

Goods Requiring Special Procedures

Includes carriage of waste and import and export of waste.

Goods Vehicle Operations

Includes type approval, vehicle maintenance and markings, running light goods vehicles and weights and dimensions.


Includes the constitution, procedures and functions of the governing body.

Governance — Academies

Includes the constitution, procedures and functions of the governing body.

Governance — Independent Schools

Includes the constitution, procedures and functions of the governing body.

Growing the Business

Includes copyright and designs, intellectual property, trademarks and marketing.

Hazardous Goods

Includes storage of hazardous substances, transport of dangerous goods and REACH.

Hazards – Biological

Biological monitoring, biological organisms, decontamination and disposal, handling biological hazards, chemical biological, radiological or nuclear incidents and security.

Hazards – Chemical

Chemical hazards training, corrosives, flammable substances, gases, oxidising agents and organic peroxides, toxic substances, sites containing dangerous goods, storage and transport.

Hazards – Physical

Asbestos, cryogenic substances, dust, ionising radiation, man-made fibres, nanoparticles.

Health and Safety

Includes accident reporting, first aid, fire risk assessment, COSHH, manual handling, occupational, asbestos, food safety, electrical safety, PPE, training, temporary workers, visitors, health and safety management systems.

Health and Safety Essentials

Includes: fire safety, accidents, work equipment, and first aid.

Health of Service Users

Includes medication administration, dementia care, end-of-life care and consent to treatment.

Health Risks and Health and Safety

Includes infection control management, healthcare-associated infections, waste disposal and sharps.

HR Management

Includes gender pay gap reporting, change management and performance management.

HR Strategy

Includes leadership skills, employee retention and human resource planning.

Importers: Customs

Includes dealing with excise imports, duty reliefs, security issues and import controls.

Industrial and Employee Relations

Includes collective agreements and redundancies and whistleblowing.

Infection Control

Includes infection control management, infection prevention and control procedures and sharps.

Information Governance

Includes Caldicott principles and patient confidentiality, data protection and freedom of information act.

Information Technology

Includes information management and technology systems and national IM&T infrastructure and systems.

Inspection and Regulation

Includes CQC inspections, regulating and monitoring healthcare, licences to practise and revalidation, and NICE Quality Standards.

Inspection and School Improvement

Includes inspections, school improvement and self-evaluation.


Includes complaints and inspection.

International Employment Law

A new section, summarising employment law in other countries. More countries will be added over the coming months.

International Health and Safety

A new section, summarising the health and safety systems in other countries. More countries will be added over the coming months.

Introduction to Early Years

Includes Childcare Act 2006, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), funding and planning.

ISO Standards

In-depth advice on ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, quality and peformance and integrating management systems.

IT and Information Governance

Includes Caldicott principles and patient confidentiality, data protection, freedom of information act and paperless practice.

Land Use Management

Includes biodiversity, Environmental Impact Assessment, soil, Strategic Environmental Assessment, the planning system, wildlife and countryside protection

Learning and Development

Includes the seven areas of learning, observation and transition.

Legal and Management Responsibilities

Looking for guidance on competency, consultation, responsiblities, risk assessment and training? It's all here, along with liability, enforcement and penalties.


Provides you with advice and best practice on obtaining an O-licence in Great Britain, information on driving licences for LGVs and small vehicles, and key information on operator licensing in the UK and outlines the role of the transport manager.

Machinery and Work Equipment

Comprising work equipment, machinery safety and maintenance, PPE and specialised work equipment such as ladders, lift trucks and pressure systems.

Management and Legal Responsibilities

Includes corporate manslaughter, risk assessment, responsibilities of directors and senior managers, and penalties and sentencing.

Managing Your Fleet

Includes vehicle maintenance and vehicle plating and testing.

Maternity and Parental Leave

Includes flexible working, maternity and parental leave, and paternity rights.

NHS Information

Includes background information on various aspects of the NHS.

NHS Overview

Includes clinical commissioning groups, and human resources policy in the NHS.

Occupational Exposure

Asbestos related diseases, health surveillance, occupational asthma and dermatitis and smoking at work.

Occupational Health

Accidents and first aid, as well as occupational health disorders and diseases associated with working on construction sites, such as asthma, asbestosis and upper limb disorders.

Occupational Health and Wellbeing

A focus on employee welfare, with topics on mental health, chronic conditions, ergonomics, DSE, drugs, alcohol, smoking, stress and the new ISO 45001.

Office Technology

Includes adaptive technology, document management, videoconferencing and wireless working.

Operating Overseas

Includes international route planning and operating in the EU. Practical information for UK companies engaged in overseas operations is provided, country by country, including local vehicle restrictions, highways rules and equipment requirements.


Includes the export and import processes and Incoterms 2010 rules.

Patient Services

Includes access to records and practice nursing.

Pay and Benefits

Includes National Minimum and Living Wage, deductions from pay, PAYE and NI.

Planning and Conservation

Includes biodiversity, sustainability, strategic environmental assessment and planning systems.

Planning and Organisation

Includes auditing, budgeting, business plans and funding.

Practice Activities

Includes appointments, child protection and the practice team, clinical governance and confidentiality.


Includes buildings and grounds maintenance, accessibility, minibuses, security management and signage.

Premises Management

Includes energy management, security, fire safety building design and premises access.

Product-specific Information

Find information specific to the products you export. Includes: Pharmaceuticals. More sections coming soon.

Professional Regulation

Includes professional regulation.

Pupil Welfare

Includes safeguarding, support strategies, behaviour management, attendance and equality of opportunity.


Includes labelling, REACH fees, hazard assessment, pre-registration and scope and substitution strategies.

Record Keeping

Includes admission and attendance registers, copyright and data protection.

Recruitment and Employment

Includes redundancy, recruitment, discipline and grievance and retirement.

Recruitment and Selection

Includes recruitment and selection and pre-employment checks.

Running the Business

Contains guidance on effectively running and maintaining the business.

Running the Haulage Business

Includes haulage contracts, insurance, fuel management and accounting for transport managers.


Includes accidents, manual handling, fire safety procedures and risk assessment.

Security and Emergency Planning

Includes security overview, information protection and cyber security, emergency management, counter terrorism, CCTV, security guards, access management and control, and perimeter security.

Security and Emergency Planning

A security overview, as well as cyber security, emergency management, counter terrorism, guards, and access control.

Site Hazards

Includes demolition, site traffic management, working at height, high voltage work and excavation.

Special Educational Needs and Disability

Includes areas of need, assessment and planning, the Local Offer, support strategies and resolving disputes about provision.


Includes: discrimination and equality, induction training, recruitment and selection and staff supervision and appraisal.

Staff Training and Qualifications

Includes Driver CPC, transport law and health and safety training, transport manager training and development, vocational qualifications in road transport.

Starting Up

Includes buying a business, marketing and sources of finance.

Strategic and Financial Management

Includes asset management, benchmarking performance and budgeting.


Export and import of dangerous chemicals and classification for supply.

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Management

Includes sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Systems of Control

Includes ventilation, COSHH, hazard assessment and identification and monitoring exposure.

Termination of Employment

Includes redundancy, resignation, retirement, and unfair and wrongful dismissal.

Training and Development

Includes coaching and mentoring, training strategies, and vocational qualifications.

Training and Improvement

Includes induction, appraisal, qualifications and supervision.


Includes transport of dangerous goods, dangerous goods safety advisors (DGSA) security, transport policy and vehicle emissions.


Includes transport of dangerous goods, dangerous goods safety advisors (DGSA) security, transport policy and vehicle emissions.

Transport Emissions

Includes transport policy, and vehicle emissions.

Use of Vehicles

Includes road traffic offences and penalties, road traffic legislation, speed limits.

Vehicle Standards

Includes construction and use of vehicles and trailers, type approval, vehicle dimensions, vehicle lighting requirements.


Includes hazardous waste, packaging, batteries, ELV, export & import, incineration, recycling, waste definitions, sewage sludge treatment, WEEE and waste treatment options.


Includes discharge to sewer and to water, groundwater protection, water protection zones, drinking water quality, water management and water framework directive.

Welfare of Children

Includes accidents and emergencies, behaviour, nutrition, food safety, hygiene, sickness and injury, meals, medicines, outings safeguarding, security and SEN.

Workforce, Contractors and Visitors

Includes migrant, temporary, lone, young, mobile, agency and disabled workers.

Workforce, Visitors and Contractors

Requirements and best practice when dealing with contractors, visitors, disabled, lone, migrant, mobile, older, overseas, shift, young and temporary workers.

Working Abroad

Includes establishing an international workforce, pay and benefits, and taxation.

Working with Parents

Includes admissions, parental responsibility and partnership working.

Workplace Hazards

Includes radiation, working at height, confined spaces, electrical safety, vibration, hotwork, manual handling, slips, trips and falls, violence, transport and occupational road risk.

Workplace Health

Asbestos-related diseases, legionnaires, MSDs, asthma, dermatitis and lung diseases are just some of the topics covered.

Workplace Safety

Includes fire safety, workplace equipment and environment, health and safety training and stress in the workplace.

Reference Articles

Care Standards

Access the full text CQC fundamental standards and other care standards.

Country Information

Background information for UK companies engaged in overseas work, including public holidays, as well as country-specific advice, guidance and compliance.

Emergency First Aid Guide

Charts that provide a list of the symptoms and the first aid required following exposure with more in-depth information on first aid treatments.

Emergency Spillage Guide

Charts that provide a description of the appropriate action to be taken in the event of a spillage with more in-depth information on treating chemical spills.

Key Rates and Data

Statistics, payment rates, allowances, benefits, award rates and penalties.

Law and Guidance

Content to help you research legislation and guidance.

Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions and model answers.

Salary Benchmarking

Access to six key Salary Survey Executive Summaries.

Strategic Briefings

Research-led or opinion pieces from experts in the field.

Tools and Documents


Model documents for you to use.


Tools to help you calculate, audit and record business issues.


Modules designed to give you everything you need to deliver in-house training.