Menopause Toolkit

12 October 2023

Treating women as equal to men does not mean treating the two sexes the same. Women are different biologically and this should be taken into account in the workplace. Employers should be taking steps to adapt the workplace as required, and to proactively introduce relevant policies and support for employees to access when it is required.

Mental health toolkit for primary care

28 April 2023

This toolkit provides step-by-step guidance for promoting good mental health at work. It provides links to key information and templates on the website.

Coronavirus toolkit for primary care services

29 November 2022

This toolkit provides a step-by-step guide for managing coronavirus (Covid-19) in a primary care service such as general practice. It provides links to key information and template policies on Croner-i. The information is being continually reviewed and updated.

Preparing for a CQC inspection toolkit for primary care services

23 February 2022

In order to achieve the best possible quality ratings and outcomes, primary healthcare providers must prepare adequately for Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections. One way of doing so, is to conduct a self-audit, working through the relevant guidance published by the CQC and including a “mock” inspection. This toolkit provides you with some tips for improving your preparation.