Reporting gender pay gap information: a compliance chore or a business benefit?

9 May 2018

Major gender pay gaps, previously hidden in plain sight, are emerging in every sector — with the BBC being just one high profile example — as gender pay gap reporting requirements are implemented in the UK in 2018. Here the authors Dianah Worman OBE and Claire McCartney highlight the need for transparency and the potential benefits of complying with the Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations for employees as well as for employers themselves, not least in terms of corporate reputation.

Customer-centricity — HR’s legitimate role

7 March 2018

Developing and delivering customer-centric strategies is increasingly recognised as key to organisational agility and enduring success. This article outlines how HR can help shift the culture, and the function’s own practices, towards agility. Diane Moody highlights the mindset shifts required for this to become a reality — in employees, leaders and in HR itself.

Compassion at work — do we really care enough about our employees?

31 January 2018

Mental health issues are on the increase in today’s ever more pressurised workplaces. As coach and author Sharon Brockway points out, the help people need is often lacking. Here she highlights some practical actions that HR and line managers can take to help create a more compassionate work environment in which people are more likely to thrive.

Women’s careers: blocks, derailers and solutions

24 January 2018

Despite multiple initiatives in recent years to improve equality among men and women at work, progress remains regrettably slow. In this article Viki Holton looks at some of the practical things that organisations, HR and women themselves can do to ensure that women’s careers do not derail.

The value of volunteering: why it should be seen as a strategic business issue

31 October 2017

In today’s fast-changing and volatile employment context, many employers are likely to find that attracting and retaining talent will become a key business challenge. This article by Dianah Worman and Claire McCartney, Associate CIPD Research and Policy Advisors and Co-Directors of Inclusive Talent, highlights how employer-supported volunteering (ESV) can be a highly motivating and effective way for employees to develop their capabilities in ways that add value to themselves, to society, as well as their employer.

Leadership development: the age of the hero programme is over

4 October 2017

In this thought-provoking article, executive coach and consultant Sarah Henbrey outlines some key trends in contemporary leadership development. She argues for greater involvement of leaders in the design of interventions and also for the L&D function to expand its skillset in order to more effectively design or commission development that is strongly aligned to strategic priorities.

It’s time to start caring for workplace carers

20 September 2017

With increasingly age-diverse workforces, it is inevitable that large numbers of employees will at some stage have caring responsibilities outside work. Research described in this article shows that the support for carers provided by employers varies significantly. The authors, Claire McCartney and Dianah Worman, Associate CIPD Research and Policy Advisers and Co-Directors of Inclusive Talent, highlight the kinds of support that employees with caring responsibilities want. They argue that Government has a key role to play in making the business case for supporting carers and that employers who do so will be well placed to retain the skills of those valued employees.

Digital coaching

30 August 2017

In the previous two instalments in this mini-series on technology in coaching, we looked at leveraging technology such as mobile apps and People Analytics dashboards into coaching. This third instalment shifts from ways to bring technology and data into coaching to ways of delivering coaching through technology in the future — with little to no involvement by a human coach, says Carol Braddick.