The dehumanisation of business and its implications for leadership development

24 July 2014

In a workshop I ran last year, one of the participants, a senior department head, spent most of his time quietly checking his phone and only half engaging in the workshop. Just after lunch on day 1 he excused himself, saying he had been asked to provide some figures urgently to the finance director. He did not return to the workshop until the morning of day 2, when he arrived looking pale and exhausted, apologising for his absence.

Five truths of networking for HR directors

23 June 2014

One concern the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) consistently hears from HR directors is: Our organisation is too inward-looking.

Corporate culture, conduct and changing behaviours

19 May 2014

Many HR directors and their teams are involved in initiatives concerning corporate cultures, values and behaviours. Various boards are seeking to change corporate cultures and behaviours. The Francis and other enquiries have raised concerns about the consequences of a target-driven culture across the NHS. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has embarked on a series of international consultation meetings on how best to channel corporate behaviour. Given the attention being devoted to culture and conduct what, asks Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas, is the best way forward?

Leadership development for uncertain times

28 April 2014

These are difficult times for leaders. Political leaders, business leaders, third sector leaders all find themselves having to deal with greater uncertainty as the impact of the 2008 crash continues to rumble around global economies. And the consequences of living in an interconnected world mean no-one is immune from the effects of their neighbours’ actions, however remote those neighbours may appear to be.

Leading in turbulent, uncertain and volatile times

24 March 2014

When did it become a normal part of a business leader’s job to be at the heart of public policy-making, pushing government to be more ambitious? And what, asks Matthew Gitsham from Ashridge Business School, does this mean for HR, L&D and OD?

In search of global talent

9 December 2013

The search for global talent is again high on business agendas. In this article, journalist Anat Arkin highlights some of the current challenges facing organisations wishing to attract, develop and retain global talent and describes some leading-edge practices used by organisations such as CERN and Hilton Worldwide, among others.

Employee Engagement: From analysis to action

2 December 2013

Geoffrey Matthews, speaker and advisor on strategic OD and HR issues and Senior Associate at Management Centre Europe (MCE), examines the concept of employee engagement.

Transforming knowledge management

19 October 2013

Knowledge management has its critics. During periods of insecurity, challenge and uncertainty, people are often impatient for results. Yet, according to a five-year investigation led by the author, Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas, many knowledge management initiatives have been excessively general and overly complex, and they have not delivered hoped for benefits. Encouragingly, an affordable route to better results has been identified and senior HR practitioners could play a key role in its adoption.

2020 Vision

9 September 2013

There are many calls for HR to concentrate on getting the basics right. So what are the “basics” when it comes to HR? Paying people on time is a basic requirement — yet this service can be provided through the finance function. Providing clear contracts of employment is a basic requirement — yet this service can be provided through the legal department or the company secretary. Recruitment is a basic requirement — yet is often done best by the line manager. Clearly, getting the basics right could be achieved by eradicating the cost of providing an HR department!