Flexible working and the latest UK policy developments

25 September 2019

While flexible working potentially brings multiple benefits for individuals and organisations, take-up remains low. Claire McCartney explores the latest UK policy developments in this area and provides strong research-based practice recommendations for employers on how to improve the take-up of flexible working.

The right to disconnect from the workplace

20 August 2019

Dr Jonathan Lord, Senior Lecturer in HRM and Dr Alex Fenton, Lecturer in Digital Business at Salford Business School analyse the precarious nature of technology creeping into workers’ lives in and outside of the workplace, requiring an increasing number of employees to be permanently available through the normalisation of remote digital access.

Tackling racial disparities in the workplace

10 June 2019

How to tackle inequalities in the workplace, especially with respect to people from ethnic minorities, is the focus of much research and UK Government consultation. Claire McCartney looks at some of the workplace factors that must be addressed to achieve fairness, in particular implementing ethnicity pay reporting, and finds that, despite some progress, there is still a long way to go.

Women in the workplace — driving gender inclusion across the world

15 May 2019

While recent headlines suggest that there is still a long way to go before gender equality is achieved and maintained in senior roles in many sectors, Dianah Worman highlights the contribution of International Women’s Day and its latest campaign BalanceforBetter to making progress towards a gender balanced world.

Leader development for the leadership we need

1 March 2019

Preparing leaders to lead in today’s ambiguous times is a major challenge. Illustrating their argument with case studies, Andrew Smith and colleagues outline an approach to learning — self-managed — that enables leaders to better navigate complexity and develop the reflexive ability so vital when leading organisations going through ongoing change.

Changing organisational issues for CEOs, boards and the HR community

23 January 2019

Based on his vast experience of contributing to international board level conferences, award-winning author Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas highlights the fast-changing strategic agendas facing CEOs, many of whom experience difficulties responding to these agendas because their management skills, thinking and practice have been forged in an earlier era. He challenges HR to rise to the opportunity of providing real strategic support to boards against this volatile backdrop and to play a key role in changing thinking and practice internally to equip organisations to successfully respond to new and unfamiliar external developments.

Making sense of a multigenerational workforce — key issues for reflection by employers

28 November 2018

Many organisations are experiencing the challenge of managing a multigenerational workforce for the first time. Here Claire McCartney and Dianah Worman, who are experts in diversity, challenge the myths around generational stereotypes and provide practical pointers for employers seeking to attract and retain the best workforce — of any age.

Stressors in public sector management and leadership

7 November 2018

The reported high prevalence of stress in today’s workplace and growing awareness of mental health issues make this article, the first of two by Dr Ann Mahon, timely. In particular Dr Mahon examines the stressors affecting managers and leaders in the public sector, where incidences of stress appear higher than in other sectors.