Leading and managing in a pandemic

19 January 2021

Leadership and management skills are essential, even in the best of times, but during a crisis they are crucial to any business or organisation. Judith Christian-Carter, individual learning consultant, takes a look at some recent research into how leaders and managers have adapted to rapidly changing circumstances as a result of the current pandemic.

Leadership and Covid-19 — is there a need to change?

19 October 2020

In this briefing, Tricia Palmer, HR consultant, leadership expert and personal coach explores the debate on leadership styles during and post Covid-19, asking “do we need to change?” Tricia covers a number of recent writings on the leadership debate and draws from some personal experiences on leading and managing during the pandemic. She also considers whether the rule book has truly been thrown out of the window or whether we will all revert to type once some semblance of “normal” re-emerges. Finally, Tricia presents some observations on whether female leaders have fared better during this crisis as some writers have claimed.

The law on gross misconduct — part 2

1 September 2020

Engin Mustafa, Lecturer in Employment Law at Kingston University, continues to explore gross misconduct and several cases relating to gross misconduct. In this second article of the mini-series, we shall examine a range of examples of how cases of Gross Misconduct have been judged. Although, the categories of gross misconduct detailed here cannot be fully exhaustive, we can review how employment tribunals have previously dealt with such incidents. This should serve as a guide to the likelihood of similar acts or omissions falling into the category of gross misconduct.