Example SDSs

19 March 2012

Examples of COSHH Risk Assessments are readily available on the Health and Safety Executive website, but where can I find examples showing what a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) should look like? If the SDS is such an important role in chemical hazard communication, surely examples would be prepared to show the level of detail required.

Time management skills

16 March 2012

I read the article on Sharpening Your Time Management Skills, but this deputy manager seemed to have a disjointed day with odd 15-minute periods. Have I missed something?

Potassium permanganate and hydrochloric acid spillage

14 March 2012

I was working in the lab, planning some work later in the day. I was checking the items needed with a list in my lab note book. In the process, I inadvertently knocked over two beakers, one of which contained solid potassium permanganate and the other, a solution of hydrochloric acid. What should I do?

EYFS: the need-to-know basics

2 March 2012

My manager has given me responsibility for providing our staff with some updates on the new EYFS. I don’t know where to start. Can you please help?

Need for noise risk assessment

28 February 2012

I am aware that employers must undertake a risk assessment if employees are exposed to certain noise levels. How can I decide if employees are likely to be exposed to these noise levels in the first place?