Monitoring the Orange Book

11 April 2012

Should I be concerned with what is happening at the United Nations Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (UNSCETDG) in respect of the published Recommendations and Model Regulations on TDG (Orange Book), and should I be monitoring its conclusions?

Diethyl ether

4 April 2012

Our lab contains a bottle of diethyl ether which stands on the shelf with other 1 litre solvent bottles. It is not used frequently but late one summer afternoon as I was about to leave, it just exploded. Glass and liquid went everywhere as other solvent bottles were damaged. What should I do?

Driver CPC and Periodic Training

3 April 2012

Although we are primarily a freight transport company, we also run a small fleet of passenger-carrying vehicles. Some of our drivers hold both LGV and PCV licences and drive both types of vehicle. Do these drivers need to take two separate courses of Periodic Training for their Driver CPC qualification, or is the completion of one course of 35 hours’ training over the 5-year period acceptable?

Charity Commission guidance on public benefit

2 April 2012

The Independent Schools Council brought a case recently against the Charity Commission arguing that its guidance was not clear and placed too much emphasis on the provision of bursaries and free places, rather than other forms of benefit such as the sharing of resources. Is the guidance still valid, in light of the outcome of the case?