Promoting good mental health

3 November 2021

Following a review, my employer wishes to improve our current practices in relation to mental health issues at work. I have been asked to provide a brief on how we can improve the promotion of mental health issues. Could you advise me on what we could do?

EU export licensing controls under the dual-use regulations

29 October 2021

We have stock at a warehouse in the Netherlands which is subject to export licensing controls under the dual-use regulations. As the EU regulations have been recast due to the substantial amendments necessary to keep up with technology, protocols, sanctions and other influences that impact on the necessity for controls, is the movement of dual-use goods around the EU still permitted without an export licence? How will we now move goods through the EU and what do we need to quote on the paperwork?

Paying staff working late when the clocks go back

27 October 2021

My business partner and I have recently opened a new venture — a late night opening bar in a busy city centre. Our clients generally come in “after the party”, as we’re open until 4am. In our staff meeting this week, the team leader raised the fact the clocks are going back on Sunday morning. They’re asking if they will get paid more, I don’t know where to start!

The golden thread

26 October 2021

I’m hearing a lot about the “golden thread” in specification. What’s that all about?

Export and return of goods for repair to and from the EU

26 October 2021

We understand that in the EU-UK Trade Cooperation Agreement (TCA), there is a clause that permits us to send goods to the EU for repair without them having to be approved for a special customs procedure such as Outward Processing relief (OP). Our freight forwarder is saying this isn’t the case and we need to be approved to export goods for repair to the EU. Is this correct?

Training for COSHH risk assessments

26 October 2021

It has been suggested we should be training employees to complete COSHH risk assessments. Is this the case and can we complete this training in-house?


25 October 2021

Is it really a good idea to use anaerobic digestate and other biowastes as fertilisers? What safeguards are in place to protect human and animal health from the hazardous chemicals that are sometimes found in waste?

Domestic Abuse

21 October 2021

Domestic abuse is contributing to a growing number of cases in our practice. Has this been evident nationally during the pandemic, and what is the current advice for our team to follow to deal effectively with these?

Provision of fire information

20 October 2021

I am aware that under fire safety legislation we must provide employees with comprehensible and relevant information on fire risks and associated risk control measures. What’s the best means of meeting this requirement?