Chemical mixtures

12 July 2012

In relation to normal chemicals, is there more than one definition for “mixtures”?

Day care cuts

11 July 2012

A day centre for older people in our area is closing — is this a national trend?

The new EYFS — are you ready?

6 July 2012

We understand that the new Early Years Foundation Stage has been published and will be implemented from September. What are the main changes?

Hexane alternatives

4 July 2012

We currently use hexane in our lab processes but have now been told to find alternatives. How do I go about finding a suitable alternative?

Dealing with the aftermath of an allegation

25 June 2012

A member of staff has been reinstated after suspension following an allegation from a pupil. The police took no action on the allegation and the school's internal proceedings did not lead to any formal action. However, he has told us that he can not face coming back into school. What are our options?

Antifreeze spillage

20 June 2012

I was adding some antifreeze to our laboratory van (used for sampling) and dropped the container; the antifreeze has spilled all over the ground. What should I do?

Where now for Dilnot recommendation?

20 June 2012

The draft Social Care Bill announced in the Queen’s Speech seems to say nothing about reforming funding. What has happened to the Dilnot Commission’s recommendations?