Position of hazard text on packaging

17 October 2012

When shopping at a trade-only outlet I purchased a package of a well-known brand of non-biological fabric washing liquigel capsules. These were placed on pallets with a sales unit consisting of three primary packs (each containing 60 liquigel capsules) in an outer package.

I later found the CHIP hazard text on the base of this outer packaging (and not elsewhere on the outer packaging). Should this not have been placed in a more noticeable area?


the base was printed in bold letters with “BOTTOM — OPPOSITE SIDE UP”.

Barring teachers

15 October 2012

If a case of serious teacher misconduct is referred to the Teaching Agency, what sanction can be imposed?

Capability meetings

8 October 2012

I have to conduct a formal capability hearing with a colleague, and will be using the Department for Education’s model procedure for the first time. How should I prepare for the meeting?

Hardcopy SDSs

2 October 2012

Is it a legislative requirement to have a hardcopy Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for a finished product?