Consolidated version of CLP

8 August 2012

Is a consolidated version of Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP) and its Amendments to Technical Progress (ATPs) available?

Within scope

7 August 2012

In the transport of dangerous goods, what is meant by “within scope”.

Occupational health reports

6 August 2012

We have recently referred a member of staff for an occupational health appointment. What can we expect to see in the medical report?

Refusal to attend an occupational health appointment

6 August 2012

A member of staff has been referred for an occupational health meeting. However, she’s unwilling to attend. Can we proceed with making a decision about her fitness to return to work without this medical advice?

Is it worth reading to new babies?

3 August 2012

What exactly is Bookstart? Is there any current research into how many parents read books to children or share books with them and whether they would do this if not for the Bookstart scheme? We have heard that government funding for the scheme has been cut. Does that mean that Bookstart will end?

Laser measurement equipment

2 August 2012

I have just issued laser measurement equipment to all my staff to use on our construction sites. One of my colleagues is concerned about using lasers due to the risk of being blinded. What can I do to reassure my staff?

Fully regulated packages

1 August 2012

What is meant by “fully regulated packages” in relation to the transport of dangerous goods by road?