How a VOSA prosecution affects your OCRS

2 November 2012

I’ve heard that changes have recently been made to the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) system. Can you tell me, if one of my drivers is prosecuted by VOSA, will it affect the company’s OCRS score?

CLP labelling on packaging

24 October 2012

The new “de minimis” provisions being introduced to the transport of dangerous goods modal rules from 2013 will mean that those dangerous goods packed in accordance with them will not bear any transport-specified label or mark. Does this mean that the outer packaging (as well as intermediate and inner packagings) will need to bear any required CLP labelling?

Position of hazard text on packaging

17 October 2012

When shopping at a trade-only outlet I purchased a package of a well-known brand of non-biological fabric washing liquigel capsules. These were placed on pallets with a sales unit consisting of three primary packs (each containing 60 liquigel capsules) in an outer package.

I later found the CHIP hazard text on the base of this outer packaging (and not elsewhere on the outer packaging). Should this not have been placed in a more noticeable area?


the base was printed in bold letters with “BOTTOM — OPPOSITE SIDE UP”.

Barring teachers

15 October 2012

If a case of serious teacher misconduct is referred to the Teaching Agency, what sanction can be imposed?