Garden centre visit

10 June 2011

I would like to take our Foundation Stage children to our local garden centre. What do I need to think about?

Waste transfer notes

8 June 2011

What is happening to waste transfer notes, and do we have to do anything in order to keep up with the changes?

Risk taking

27 May 2011

Recently I have read many articles about risk taking by young children but I am concerned about how to do this. Can you help?

Arm’s length bodies

26 August 2010

What is the significance for social care of the Government’s recently published proposals for cutting the number of “arm’s length” bodies?

We were late making a return through no fault of our own

27 April 2010

We were all ready to submit our annual form P14/P35 return online on Tuesday 18 May when a digger working outside our offices went right through the main telephone line and cut us off from the Internet. Normal service was not restored until late on Friday the 21st. The payroll manager stayed back to submit our return that night. Will we be penalised for being late making our return?

What is the point of a form P38A return?

27 April 2010

Question 1 on a form P35 asks us whether we’ve sent a form P14, or completed and retained a form P38(S), for everyone we’ve paid during the tax year. If the answer is “No” we have to submit a form P38A. I don’t understand the significance of question 1 and what is the point of a form P38A return anyway?