Oral health in adult social care

13 May 2022

I’ve heard that when CQC inspections pick up again they will be focusing on oral health. What will they be looking at?

Confusion around chemicals divergence

11 May 2022

I saw in a recent eAlert that five substances have been added to the Authorisation list. I am based in the UK and only supply in England; must I take any action on these five substances?

National data opt-out

10 May 2022

The national data opt-out deadline has been extended to 31 July 2022. What do general practices need to do to comply with its requirements?

Bank holidays — forcing staff to work

22 April 2022

I need staff to come into work over the May bank holiday. I do not recognise a trade union so there is no collective agreement to this effect. Can I force the staff to work on any bank holiday?

Bank holidays — forcing staff to take annual leave

22 April 2022

My staff do not have the entitlement to leave on bank holidays written into their contracts. This year I wish the business to close for a week over a bank holiday period.  How should I go about this?

Selling chemicals to the general public

22 April 2022

I am a chemical manufacturer and I have been asked by a member of the public to sell them some chemicals. It is mainly acids they would like, and they seem to have a legitimate reason for their use? Am I allowed to sell them to this member of the public?