Health and Safety Executive reporting

14 March 2022

Recently, a pupil suffered a minor incident in the playground. He did not need medical intervention, but we informed the parents and they have insisted that we report the incident to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Does a minor incident have to be reported?

Inclusive Recruitment

10 March 2022

How can we work towards more inclusive recruitment and support of disabled people in our primary care workforce, as set out in the NHS’s People Plan?

UK REACH consultation: update?

9 March 2022

I heard that there was going to be a consultation early in 2022 on UK REACH. Has that been released yet?

Solvent legislation

4 March 2022

We are thinking about investing in a new printing process which uses organic solvents. We are aware of our duties to minimise workplace exposure to chemicals under the COSHH Regulations, but are unsure which environmental regulations apply, if any. We are based in England.

Eating disorders

4 March 2022

How can we recognise the signs and symptoms of eating disorders in students?

Prioritising places

4 March 2022

We still have a lot of staff absence due to Covid-19 and we need to limit child attendance. How do we prioritise early years places for children at our nursery?