City trees and air pollution

7 May 2020

Can you explain why trees in city streets have been linked to higher levels of air pollution? Does this have any implications for green walls on buildings?

Responsibility for fly-tipping waste

1 May 2020

Since our pub was closed for the lockdown the outside courtyard area has been used to fly-tip all kinds of waste, including food waste. Am I responsible for organising the disposal of this, and if so where can I take it, as the local tip is closed?

The Environment Bill

9 April 2020

Will the Environment Bill ever become law and what are the main amendments proposed by Parliament so far?

Chemicals in paper-based food packaging

30 March 2020

Our workplace cafeteria is moving away from single-use plastic on environmental grounds for takeaway foods, and was planning to replace plastic containers with paper, but now I hear that paper-based packaging can contain dangerous chemicals. Is this a real threat and if so, can we purchase safer alternatives?

Recyclable v biodegradable plastics

16 March 2020

Is it a good move to switch from recyclable plastic containers (for food, say) to compostable or biodegradable plastic containers?

Simple guidelines to encourage recycling

24 February 2020

We are an independent fast food takeaway with a fairly high turnover of young employees. Despite my best efforts, employees are failing to segregate out waste for recycling, claiming that they are too busy and find the system confusing. Can you suggest some simple guidelines?

Disposing of rat poison

21 February 2020

When moving into our current office premises we found a half-used tub of rat poison. How can we best dispose of this?

What is extended producer responsibility?

18 February 2020

What is extended producer responsibility (EPR), and how does it differ from the packaging and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) schemes that are already in force?