Security searches

24 November 2020

Following the raised terrorist threat in the UK, my organisation has decided to implement a more thorough search of visitors and their belongings when entering our properties. Are there any guidelines on how we can do this in light of Covid-19 secure guideline requirements, especially social distancing?

How to dispose of batteries

20 November 2020

Like any business, we throw away a small number of assorted batteries. If they are not officially classified as hazardous waste, can we dispose of them in the general waste bin? We do not manufacture or sell any batteries as part of our business.

Hazardous waste classification

6 November 2020

As a hazardous waste producer, I want to make sure that we are properly prepared for any enforcement visits from the Environment Agency (EA). How can I be sure that all our waste is correctly classified?

Takeaway food waste

12 October 2020

As our office staff have returned to work and buy more takeaway food, how can we work with local food businesses to reduce food waste?


7 October 2020

Do you have any recommendations for simple and effective ways to keep outdoor paved areas free of disposable face masks, cigarette and chewing gum litter? The existing bins are being ignored by too many of our staff.

Plastic legislation

25 September 2020

We know that single-use plastics are a big problem for the environment, but is there any actual legislation about plastics that we need to list in our Register of Regulations?

Employee working too hard

11 September 2020

One of my team is obviously working far longer hours since our office closed during the pandemic and we started working from home. I have tried to discourage this but it seems to be her way of coping with anxiety. I’m worried she’s heading for burnout. What can I do?