Face shield v face covering

23 February 2021

Employees are required to wear face coverings due to the nature of their work. An employee has asked if they can use a face shield rather than a face covering. Is this allowed?

Waste Duty of Care Scotland v England

15 February 2021

Are there differences in the Waste Duty of Care between Scotland and England? And, if we are registered as a waste carrier in Scotland, can we transport waste across the border?

Improving Covid-secure behaviour

10 February 2021

We regularly review concerns raised by employees and other stakeholders in respect of the Covid-secure measures we are adopting. Most concerns relate to how individuals are behaving, ie not following the measures required. What can we do to improve behaviour?

Waste shipments plan

29 January 2021

What changes have been introduced to the legislation on international shipments of waste?

ESOS energy audit post-Brexit

15 January 2021

Will the requirement for an ESOS energy audit be dropped now that we have left the EU and embarked on a new relationship with Europe?


28 December 2020

We send some of our waste wood to a local business for recycling. As this is a small operation, they are regulated under an exemption rather than an environmental permit. We have been warned that exempt sites are more likely to be in breach of the law. Could we be prosecuted if the recyclers fail to comply with the conditions of their exemption, eg by storing too much waste on site?