New recycling labels

21 June 2021

Can you explain the new system of recycling labels for consumer packaging? When do the new labels become compulsory?

Clean air zones

8 June 2021

What is the difference between the various types of clean air zones? I can’t tell my ULEZ from my CAZ!

Right to repair

24 May 2021

How will the new “right to repair” regulations impact on manufacturers of household appliances?

The need for hand sanitiser

13 May 2021

Our business is desk-based and non customer-facing. With restrictions lifting, will we still need to provide hand sanitiser in the workplace?

Recycling compostable cups

19 April 2021

We are a small independent village bakery offering a takeaway service. Recently, we switched to compostable coffee cups which we understand to be better for the environment. Our local authority will not accept these in the trade waste recycling bin — what should we do with them?

Disposing of lateral flow tests

30 March 2021

Please can you confirm that it is acceptable to dispose of Covid lateral flow tests in the general waste, if they are used as part of a large-scale workplace testing programme? A friend working in healthcare has told us that these tests are classified as healthcare waste.

Communication with employees on return to work

24 March 2021

With more employees returning to the workplace as Covid restrictions are eased, we want to ensure that we provide them with the most appropriate information. Could you outline what information we should be communicating to employees?