21 September 2021

What is blockchain and how is it relevant to sustainability?

Transport net zero

10 September 2021

How does the Government plan to achieve net zero in the transport sector?


31 August 2021

What is a gigafactory and why do we need one?

Donating old office furniture for reuse?

13 August 2021

Our office premises are undergoing a major refurbishment with much of the furniture being replaced. We would like to donate the old furniture for reuse; are there any issues of legal liability that need to be taken into account?

Waste carrier registration

6 August 2021

A new extension is being built onto our premises. If we remove some of the construction waste using our own vehicle, will we have to register as upper-tier waste carriers? This is a fairly small, one-off project and we only envisage making a few trips to the waste site.

Disposal of unsold goods

3 August 2021

We have been horrified to read of the large-scale disposal of unsold goods by e-commerce and fashion retailers. Is this contravening waste law?

Reusable packaging

20 July 2021

We are planning to start supplying our products in reusable, durable containers rather than single-use boxes. Customers will be able to return the containers, which will then be used for future trips. Will we still be obligated under the Packaging Regulations?

Deposit Return Scheme

2 July 2021

How will retailers and cafés be impacted by the proposed Deposit Return Scheme? Will they be obliged to purchase reverse vending machines?