Inherited LEV system with no documentation

18 March 2019

Our organisation has taken over another company that has a workshop with a local exhaust ventilation system (LEV). No documentation can be found relating to its use and maintenance. What should we be doing in this situation?

Diesel vehicles on site

26 February 2019

We are a construction business with large cranes and other plant standing at our depot. We are already following health and safety guidance such as the bunding of oil storage tanks. Are there any other environmental regulations we need to be aware of?

Sampling in legionella risk assessments

16 January 2019

Our organisation has contracted a third party to undertake a review of our current legionella risk assessment. They have recommended that sampling should be undertaken. Is this a legal requirement of the assessment process?

Building site nuisances

27 November 2018

Is noise from a construction site accepted as inevitable by local authorities, or are there legal restrictions on the amount of noise that can be generated?

Definition of controlled waste

20 November 2018

What exactly is controlled waste? Does this categorisation affect commercial waste producers or is it just a matter for local authorities?

Radon levels

13 November 2018

We operate a gas-fired power station. A colleague has raised the possibility that radon in the natural gas could contaminate the filter cartridges used in gas scrubbing. Is this true, and if so, would the levels be high enough to constitute a hazard to our staff? Also, would the cartridges qualify as radioactive or hazardous waste when we dispose of them? The radon levels in the gas we use are listed as 2–80 Bq/m3 at the source — this is prior to scrubbing.

COSHH and waste categories

13 November 2018

I am currently drawing up a Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) assessment for our workplace. Which categories of waste are regarded as “hazardous to health” for the purposes of COSHH? Is it just those wastes that require a hazardous waste consignment note?