Disposal of gas canisters

7 January 2020

Our business uses small gas canisters, usually containing carbon monoxide, for testing scientific instruments. These come in 20 litre and 34 litre sizes. How can we dispose of these safely and legally? Is puncturing the canisters then putting them in the general recycling an option?

Identifying ACMs for asbestos survey

2 December 2019

We are having an asbestos survey completed. It has been suggested that we can just presume that all materials contain asbestos rather than undertaking sampling and analysis. Is this the case?

Taking steps towards zero emissions

27 November 2019

As a business, we want to do our part to meet the zero-emissions target that the Government has set. What practical action can we take today?

New electronic waste tracking scheme

26 November 2019

Can you explain the Government’s new proposal for an electronic waste tracking scheme? How will this differ from existing schemes such as edoc?

Home-produced food

5 November 2019

As Brexit approaches, the conversation in our office has turned to food imports and whether the UK could become self-sufficient in food. Am I right in thinking that there are good environmental grounds for a move to more home-produced food?

Safe footpaths in winter

21 October 2019

Our company occupies a large site with numerous footpaths and traffic routes. I am concerned that if winter does get worse, many of these routes will become dangerous through ice or snowfall. What should we do to prevent any possible incidents?

Workplace bike pool scheme

21 October 2019

My employer is considering setting up a workplace bike pool scheme. I have been asked to comment on the health and safety issues of such a scheme. Could you suggest what these are?

Tackling mould and damp

16 October 2019

I have received complaints about mould and damp in some of our office accommodation that is located below ground level. Employees say it is harmful to their health and have requested we resolve the issue. Can mould and damp be harmful to health and what can we do about it?

Working outside in the dark

30 September 2019

Staff members sometimes have to work outdoors during the hours of darkness. A number have complained that it is too dark and that under health and safety legislation we should be providing adequate lighting. Does such legislation apply to outdoor lighting?