EYFS: the need-to-know basics

2 March 2012

My manager has given me responsibility for providing our staff with some updates on the new EYFS. I don’t know where to start. Can you please help?

Need for noise risk assessment

28 February 2012

I am aware that employers must undertake a risk assessment if employees are exposed to certain noise levels. How can I decide if employees are likely to be exposed to these noise levels in the first place?

Payment of tribunal costs

27 February 2012

We are defending an unfair dismissal claim by a former member of staff. If we lose the case, will we have to pay her costs?

Changing the working location for employees

24 February 2012

I want to move the provision to new premises five miles away. Some of the staff are saying I should pay for the extra travelling. What can and should I do?

DSD symbols

22 February 2012

When were the orange-yellow Dangerous Substances Directive (DSD) symbols first required in the EU? Was the 67/548/EEC DSD the first Directive that required these?

Refusal to provide a reference

20 February 2012

I’ve been asked to write a reference for a member of staff about whose capability we have some concerns. Am I obliged to provide the reference?