Customs Declaration Service

6 July 2022

I have a query on the Customs Declaration Service (CDS). There is very little VAT or duty on goods we carry as it is mostly meat products; however, I have seen several bits of CDS guidance recently that says importers need to register for the CDS on their Government Gateway account

Is that mainly just for the linking of Deposit Allocation Number (DAN) accounts to freight agents, and am I correct in thinking all EORI numbers will still be accepted by CDS if no VAT or duty is liable without the importer necessarily doing anything on the Government Gateway account?

Turkey name change

6 July 2022

Following the official change of name of Turkey, is there anything we need to action to support this? Will all the trade agreements and forms have to be updated with the new name? Is the ISO country code staying the same?


1 July 2022

Whatever happened to the “Green Flower” ecolabel? I haven’t seen any of them around lately.

Imperial measurements

29 June 2022

The Government is talking about reintroducing imperial measure. As a construction company, do we need to change anything?