Charity Commission guidance on public benefit

2 April 2012

The Independent Schools Council brought a case recently against the Charity Commission arguing that its guidance was not clear and placed too much emphasis on the provision of bursaries and free places, rather than other forms of benefit such as the sharing of resources. Is the guidance still valid, in light of the outcome of the case?

Time management skills — part two

30 March 2012

I too read the article Sharpening Time Management Skills and the subsequent question raised by another reader made the timetable clearer. But what would be helpful to me as a new manager would be a simple crib sheet of ideas.

Agency drivers and analogue tachograph charts

28 March 2012

We sometimes have difficulties with agency drivers who refuse to leave their analogue tachograph charts with us, when they finish their assignment at the end of the week.

The agencies we use also insist that their drivers take the charts with them. We have offered to give them photocopies of the charts but many of them insist on keeping the original charts. We are not happy with this as we have had instances, in the past, when charts have never been returned to us. Are we in our rights to keep the charts, providing we give copies to the agencies?

Nitric acid

28 March 2012

I was drying down some beakers containing concentrated nitric acid on the hot plate in the fume cupboard. I then went to have a quick tea break. When I came back, I noticed brown fumes in the lab, and a horrible smell. Maybe the fume cupboard stopped working or perhaps a beaker broke. What should I do?

Proposed employment tribunal fees

26 March 2012

I understand that an employee will be able to reclaim the Government’s proposed tribunal fees from his or her employer, if a claim is successful. What level of fee will be involved?