Winter funds for vulnerable people

25 January 2012

Some weeks ago the Department of Health announced that £20 million of government funds were being allocated to help people in cold weather — how is this money being spent?

A sticky situation

25 January 2012

I was using some glue and was not wearing gloves; I have now managed to get my fingers covered in the glue. It will not wash off. What should I do?

Biometric technology

24 January 2012

Is it possible to integrate biometric access technology into an existing security system?

Proof of victimisation

24 January 2012

One of our employees is claiming he has been victimised. What proof does he have to provide?

Chloroform spillage

18 January 2012

My colleague was making a chloroform solution for use in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy when they dropped the bottle. It fell to the floor, smashing and releasing fumes. They are now feeling unwell. What should I do?

Observation tips

13 January 2012

The manager of our pre-school has decided that the staff should carry out more observations of our key children. My day is already so busy that I am not sure how I will be able to do this. Have you any ideas about how more observations could be done?

A new IMDG marking requirement?

11 January 2012

I've heard that as from 1 January 2012, cargo transport units (CTUs) must have the Proper Shipping Name (PSN) shown in 65mm-high letters. Is this correct?

Scheme for registering social care workers

11 January 2012

I had thought plans for registering social care workers had been dropped but I recently heard a reference to the possibility of a scheme coming in for 2013. Can you explain?