Are there any problems employing teenagers?

23 November 2012

We would like to offer job opportunities in our nursery for young people seeking work, specifically 16–17-year-olds. However, we have heard that the regulations around their employment may be changing. How is it best to go about employing young people and what are the problems we should look out for?

Respiratory risks on construction sites

22 November 2012

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recently issued its plan of work around construction sites. Its main operational activities were identified, one of which is respiratory risks on construction sites. What should I be doing to mitigate the risks?

EC number confusion

21 November 2012

A supplier has used “EC No. 919-446-0” in their Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for a substance. However, I cannot find this substance when searching for it in the Classification and Labelling Inventory (CLI). Is this an incorrect EC number or am I doing something wrong?

Retakes of unitised GCSEs

19 November 2012

In light of the changes to GCSEs that came into effect in September 2012, what will happen to students who take unitised GCSEs in summer 2013 and need to retake?

Driver records

13 November 2012

The bureau we use to check our drivers’ tachograph records has highlighted an infringement against one of the drivers for having taken insufficient daily rest. This seems odd as the driver took nine hours off (which he is entitled to do three times a week) only once during the week.

The driver started work in the morning at 0600 and began a nine-hour rest at 2200. He started work the next day at 0700, after completing his nine-hour rest period. Has the bureau made a mistake?

Transporting a chiller unit

7 November 2012

We have a chiller unit to transport by air freight. The gas involved is R134a, which seems to be a dangerous good under UN3159 . However, this number does not seem to be appropriate for carriage of the chiller unit by air as the IATA Packing Instructions are concerned with gas cylinders. The amount of gas contained in the unit is less than 10kg. What should we do?

Carrying aerosols through Eurotunnel

6 November 2012

I am proposing to take a consignment of aerosols through the Eurotunnel. Does this come under ADR? What documentation do I need to take?