New drivers and working time compliance

24 November 2021

We know that the road transport working time regulations apply to our HGV drivers. What should we be doing when we are taking on a new driver to make sure we are compliant?

Documentation required for returnable packaging

23 November 2021

A customer of ours, a German company, has been advised that from 1 October 2021, the only documentation required for returnable packaging will be an Export Accompanying Document (EAD) and an import document as they actually own the packaging. Is this correct and is there no need for a T1?

Managing VAT payments under a duty deferment account

23 November 2021

My companies import from many overseas markets, including the EU Member States, and our finance team handle import VAT under the postponed VAT accounting (PVA) scheme. We issue instructions to freight agents and clearing agents requesting them to enter the duty against our duty deferment account (DDA) and to put the VAT to PVA. However, 40% of our imports still have the agent declaring VAT to the deferment account, meaning we need two different systems for accounting for import VAT. Can we reject an incorrect import entry and get the agent to amend the VAT payment to PVA?

International recruitment in adult social care

22 November 2021

Can we recruit migrant staff into social care after Brexit and Covid-19? What is the Code of Practice for international recruitment and does it apply to the social care sector?

Ofsted inspections post-Covid

19 November 2021

We have not had external examination results for two years and staff are concerned about the possibility of an inspection before the end of the academic year. What can we expect?

Single-use plastic ban

19 November 2021

Is it true that disposable plastic plates, cups and cutlery will soon be banned in the UK?