Passenger lift maintenance best practice

8 December 2021

We have recently occupied a building that contains two passenger lifts. We intend to use an external contractor to undertake the maintenance and thorough examination of these. What can we do to ensure best practice is followed?

Modular construction

8 December 2021

My client has asked about modular construction? Is there a general explanation?

Missed DUIN deadline

7 December 2021

Our company missed the recent DUIN deadline and we would like to know what our options are now?

Mobility issues

6 December 2021

We have a pupil with significant mobility issues joining our school. Our PE coordinator is concerned about the provision the school can make for the pupil, as we do not have any specialist equipment. What should we do?

Sparkly paper

2 December 2021

As we approach Christmas, the office recycling bin will soon be full of sparkly gift wrap. Is it true that we shouldn’t recycle it?

Noise health surveillance below action levels

1 December 2021

We have employees who have to use various items of powered tools to undertake their work activities. One employee has requested that we undertake health surveillance for them in relation to noise exposure even though our assessment indicates noise levels are below the legal action values. Are we obliged to provide such health surveillance?

Fire door inspection regime

1 December 2021

We have several properties that are fitted with numerous timber-based fire doors. It has been suggested that we should be inspecting these regularly. Is this the case and how often should this be done as it could have significant resource issues?

Safeguarding during the pandemic

30 November 2021

Members of staff are concerned about what to do if a student starts to feel ill during lessons. What should they do?