UK Trader Scheme and selling goods to Northern Ireland

16 November 2021

Last year we applied to the UK Trader Scheme for our goods to be declared “not at risk” when trading with Northern Ireland. Our goods come from China and we mainly sell in Great Britain but also to Northern Ireland. We understand that our customers pay an extra 6% duty on the goods coming into Northern Ireland after we have already paid 6% on goods from China coming into UK. Could you explain how the process works?

Social prescribing

12 November 2021

How will “social prescribing” help us manage the workload in our GP practice?

Sick building syndrome

11 November 2021

A small group of employees believe that they are suffering from Sick Building Syndrome and they want us to take steps to address the issue. First, how can we be sure that it is not just hay fever or a similar allergy and, second, what changes can we make to improve the workplace environment?

Running first-aid training in-house

10 November 2021

We provide our first aid at work qualified employees with annual refresher training. The question has arisen as to whether this can be provided by an experienced in-house first aid qualified employee?

Buying ready-made first-aid kits

10 November 2021

We currently purchase “off-the-shelf” first-aid kits that contain the items suggested by the Health and Safety Executive. It has been suggested that as part of our first-aid needs assessment, we should be determining the contents required in our first-aid kits. Is that the case?

Scope 3 emissions

9 November 2021

What are Scope 3 emissions, and what responsibilities do small businesses have to report and reduce them?

Correcting declaration errors to HMRC

9 November 2021

I have identified errors in export declarations made on behalf of our company, which have values either over or under declared to HMRC. How do I contact HMRC to correct these entries and what is the correct procedure?

S8 Goods Departure Message for shipments to Switzerland

9 November 2021

Is there a mechanism for reporting hauliers/agents to HMRC who are not providing us with the correct paperwork? I am dealing with a carrier who refuses to provide an S8 — the official Goods Departure Message I need to evidence VAT zero-rating of the export.

The goods are destined for Switzerland, however this carrier says they do not provide S8s and the discharge of the T1 is proof of clearance on the other side.

Is this correct or should I be asking them to complete the C1602?