Unpaid posts and internships

10 September 2012

We are considering advertising an unpaid research post in our university. We see it as a way of offering useful work experience to someone, but are concerned about recent negative press coverage of such posts. Are we within our rights to advertise for such a role?

Asbestos and demolition

7 September 2012

Is it a legal requirement to carry out an asbestos survey prior to demolition?


5 September 2012

I’ve heard the Social Care Institute for Excellence is developing a website to allow service users to compare social care services — can you give me some details please?

Annex VI Note H

4 September 2012

When did the deletion of Note H in the introduction to CLP Annex VI, as well as its removal from the entries in Table 3.1 and 3.2, become applicable?


31 August 2012

Will the Early Years Foundation Stage eProfile continue to be used once the new framework comes into force in September 2012? If not, will we still be able to access saved data?

Demolition procedures

31 August 2012

We are planning to demolish a building. What do we need to consider?

Within scope

29 August 2012

In the transport of dangerous goods, what is meant by “within scope”?

The scale of mental illness

28 August 2012

I heard recently that only a quarter of the people with mental illness get expert psychiatric help — is this true?