Auditing fixed-term contracts

17 December 2012

I am doing an audit of fixed-term staff in our school. What particular issues should I be looking for?

Coping with a drunk practitioner at Christmas

12 December 2012

I have quite recently bought a pre-school. Last Christmas, the previous owner had a practitioner who turned up still intoxicated from the night before. I want to be prepared should a similar thing happen this year. What should I do?

Dangerous goods in tank containers

11 December 2012

We arrange for dangerous goods in tank containers to be transported from the supplier’s specified UK site to the customer’s specified site. However, when working on the continent we arrange for the tank containers to be transferred from the trailer and carried across Europe by rail, before being carried on the final part of the journey by road.

Do I require RAIL mode as well as ROAD mode DSGA coverage?

Cans marked UN2037

11 December 2012

In a recent Q & A on carrying butane fuel you noted that aerosol types should be assigned to UN1950. However, some I have seen are marked UN2037. Why is this?

Pregnancy-related risk assessments

10 December 2012

We are a small primary school and a member of staff has notified us she is pregnant. Do we need to carry out a risk assessment, and if so what are the likely issues we need to address?

Using a works lorry to carry welding gases

4 December 2012

I want to use the works lorry to collect some welding gases and take them back to our yard, rather than have the supplier deliver. Am I subject to ADR and all that?

Flexible working and women in the workforce

4 December 2012

We would like to identify ways of addressing the under-representation of women in our institution, and are looking at flexible working as one option. Under what circumstances can we offer this?