Scope 3 emissions

9 November 2021

What are Scope 3 emissions, and what responsibilities do small businesses have to report and reduce them?

Correcting declaration errors to HMRC

9 November 2021

I have identified errors in export declarations made on behalf of our company, which have values either over or under declared to HMRC. How do I contact HMRC to correct these entries and what is the correct procedure?

S8 Goods Departure Message for shipments to Switzerland

9 November 2021

Is there a mechanism for reporting hauliers/agents to HMRC who are not providing us with the correct paperwork? I am dealing with a carrier who refuses to provide an S8 — the official Goods Departure Message I need to evidence VAT zero-rating of the export.

The goods are destined for Switzerland, however this carrier says they do not provide S8s and the discharge of the T1 is proof of clearance on the other side.

Is this correct or should I be asking them to complete the C1602?

Export clearances for empty trailers

5 November 2021

Are export clearances now needed for empty trailers, etc? Will there be a special CPC for this? Will invoices have to be raised and will this cause a problem as there won’t be any value to declare?

Defending against physical aggression at work

3 November 2021

In a recent training session on managing risks related to physical violence and aggression at work, an employee asked whether or not employees are allowed to defend themselves by using reasonable force if somebody tries to assault them. What is the legal situation on this?

Promoting good mental health

3 November 2021

Following a review, my employer wishes to improve our current practices in relation to mental health issues at work. I have been asked to provide a brief on how we can improve the promotion of mental health issues. Could you advise me on what we could do?

EU export licensing controls under the dual-use regulations

29 October 2021

We have stock at a warehouse in the Netherlands which is subject to export licensing controls under the dual-use regulations. As the EU regulations have been recast due to the substantial amendments necessary to keep up with technology, protocols, sanctions and other influences that impact on the necessity for controls, is the movement of dual-use goods around the EU still permitted without an export licence? How will we now move goods through the EU and what do we need to quote on the paperwork?