Refusal to provide a reference

20 February 2012

I’ve been asked to write a reference for a member of staff about whose capability we have some concerns. Am I obliged to provide the reference?

Improving the image of residential care

14 February 2012

A resident recently told me that she had been terrified of coming into the home but was now very pleased that she had taken the decision as life in care was far better than she had expected. Can we use this happy, and not uncommon, story to generate some good publicity?

Definition of “article” in TDG

13 February 2012

The term “article” appears in many places throughout the various transport of dangerous goods (TDG) provisions, eg the 17th revised edition of the Orange Book, 3.4.2 states that: “The use of inner packagings is not necessary for the transport of articles such as aerosols or ‘receptacles, small, containing gas’”. But is there a definition anywhere in the provisions of what “article” actually means?

Chilling out in the green room

8 February 2012

I have been asked to create a “green room” or “chill-out zone”. How do I start to design this space?

Provision of SDSs

1 February 2012

REACH Article 31 says “a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) shall be provided free of charge on paper or electronically…” Is it acceptable that I put my SDSs up on my website so that users can access them?

Business acronyms

27 January 2012

Following on from the article “Understanding and Using Business Acronyms”, there are some I have seen that were not included. Could you explain them?