Using REX to import goods to the UK from Vietnam

13 October 2021

We import our goods from Vietnam using an agent in the UK. The supplier in Vietnam has always supplied us with a Certificate of Origin. As REX is an EU registration system, what are the implications of using the REX system to simplify the import procedure following Brexit?

Portable drills for outside work

12 October 2021

Our maintenance staff members are required to use portable electric drills outdoors to carry out certain tasks. Do these drills have to be of any specific type and design for outdoors work?

Setting health and safety objectives

12 October 2021

My organisation follows HSG65 to assist in managing health and safety. I have noted that this document does not require us to set any objectives as part of ongoing performance improvement. Should we be setting objectives and if so how do we identify the objectives to set?

Combined sewer overflow

11 October 2021

Why are water companies still allowed to discharge untreated sewage into our rivers and coastal waters?

UK list of grandfathered substances and DUIN

11 October 2021

I noticed that the UK list of grandfathered substances has been published. If one of my substances is on the list does that mean I do not need to submit a downstream user Import notification (DUIN).

Choosing the correct Incoterms® rule for UK imports when duty is suspended

6 October 2021

We import goods into the UK under an authorised end-use approval granted by HMRC which means import duty is suspended. We then sell the goods to our UK customer using a TORO (Transfer of Risks and Obligations) arrangement in the approval.

In the contract of supply to the UK customers, HMRC say we are supplying them on the DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) Incoterm, but we believe we should be supplying under DAP (Delivered at Place).

We have a deed of indemnity with our UK customer which sits at the side of the contract of supply which legally protects us if HMRC charge duty because our customer fails to meet the compliance obligations under authorised use. Is it correct to change the Incoterms® rule to DAP?