Face coverings in schools

11 January 2022

A number of pupils in my school are refusing to wear face coverings in class. What should I do?

Build back beaver

11 January 2022

Will the Prime Minister’s plan to “build back beaver” bring any benefits to the economy and businesses?

Lithium battery marks

11 January 2022

I heard that there is no longer a requirement for an emergency response phone number on lithium battery marks is that correct?

Electromagnetic fields in welding

7 January 2022

My employer, as part of its work activities, undertakes welding. I have been informed that we must complete a risk assessment in relation to exposure from electromagnetic fields from this activity. Is this so?

Quantity Surveyors

7 January 2022

It has been suggested that I employ a Quantity Surveyor on my project. What do they do?

Santa’s delivery

20 December 2021

Could Santa improve on the sustainability of his logistics model?

Getting out in winter

20 December 2021

Why is it such good practice to get children outside in the winter?

Classifying substances for UK REACH deadlines

17 December 2021

The first UK REACH deadline of 27 October 2023 is for substances over 1000 tonnes per annum and those that are: carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction (CMRs) — 1 tonne or more per year; very toxic to aquatic organisms (acute or chronic) — 100 tonnes or more per year; candidate list substances (at 31 December 2020). How can I determine if my substances meet that criteria?